A Secret For Woman To Losing Weight With Just 2 Simple Ritual Without Tight Diet And Still Enjoying Her Fav Foods

New Diet Program for female only and age over 30 using flavor pairing method to boosting metabolism based on Japanese "Shoku Iku" diet

  • Ignite & Launch Phase
  • Flavor Pairing Method
  • Repair and Restore kidney tissue within weeks Program

The reviews on this website are based on the individuals own personal opinion(s), results may vary from person to person.

What is Cinderella Solution?

Recently Discovered female-only Fault-line triggered  in early 20's that hardwires yor body to crave weight gain for the next 30 years of your life

The author. Carly Donovan share about her story and  a new diet program called Cinderella Solution , a more than 160 year old  "flavor pairing solution" designed by Japan.  a planet's slimmest, longest living and most disease- resistant country.

A 3 weeks program could help transform the female body more easily burning more fat and at the same time generating "rebound weight-gain defence system" the program that has already allowed more than 16,000 customer to lose a lot of pounds.

A Set of Guidelines, Broke down into Extremely simple food and flavor-pairing rituals. the primary goal of each pairing was to create hormonal and metabolic balance to promote health, well-being, strength and happiness from within.

The focus of the program is on restoring the hormones that control metabolic rate. Resetting these hormones will boot the system and start the fat-burning engine.

Many people who are overweight are hormones resistant and may not even be aware of it.

It will show how to eat to get the best nutrition and how to exercise to achieve optimal results. It is easy to follow and it's no strict diet you think about, there are no expensive meals or foods to purchase. with this knowledge, it help you with maintain your weight even after you success with this program.

Losing weight will increase your life expectancy and make you healthier which is a great benefit for everyone.

Some research proven this method

  • Instead counting calories using a simple chocolate pairing to forcing their body into fat burning overdrive
  • Prove that Japanese women were able to eat more strachy, calorie filled foods using carb-pairing ritual at dinner each night
  • Using simple movement - sequencing ritual to eliminates fat from their softest areas
  • by pairing 2 savory dessert spices can lose weight even faster

The reviews on this website are based on the individuals own personal opinion(s), results may vary from person to person.

The Cinderella Solution

Cinderella Solution is 28 days  weight loss program to help female age over 30 to weight loss using flavor pairing method to boosting metabolism, this program 100% natural so there is no side effect from harmful drug or treatment. Here's some sneak peek you'll find inside this program

  •  No boring cardio & high intense excercise
  • No bland food or starve the body
  • No expensive pills or supplements
  • No counting calories

Ignite & Launch Phase

Cinderella Solution is 28 day weight loss program that works into 2 phase, Ignite and Launch Phase.

The first two weeks is called ignite phase, this phase is focusing on cleansing detoxification by activating fat burning hormone. focusing on balancing fat burning hormone by consuming "fat fighting" foods and eliminating that harms your body.

Next two weeks is called launch phase, this phase is helping weight loss progress by taking advantage with your new metabolism. by introducing "flavor pairing" and "nutrient timing" method, you can still enjoying your fav foods while you keep burn more fat with this phase

So What's The Right Solution ?

The Cinderella Solution

  • No boring cardio & high intense excercise
  • Still enjoying favourite foods & feeling full 
  • Feel More Energic & Fit Throughout The Day

The reviews on this website are based on the individuals own personal opinion(s), results may vary from person to person.

Introduction to Cinderella Solution

Inside this chapter will provide detail information about method they using and what potential they can achieve using this method. the significant different from other diet program is teaching us how to combining flavor to stimulate our metabolism, and it have delicious tasty and nutritious meal, not just that you'll learn when the gold time for body absorb nutrition efficiently.

  • Basic introduction
  • Ignite and Launch
  • Pairing foods based on flavor profiles
  • When you should eat for the best results
  • Detailing the exercise portion of the program

Daily Nutrition Blueprint

Inside this second part, this program provide you with 2 weeks daily meal - prep plans, also you'll find complete innnovative recipes and it's nutrition information. giving you full information to help you understand the best way to nourish body and burn excess fat.

Apart from meals and recipes, this part also has information on macro nutrition, food pairings, and food group catalouge for making you easier to choose what you like to eat.

DIY Meals and Flavor Pairing

Inside this part, giving information about portion control for healthy eating. aside great meal ideas, recipes, the meal portion size is also important aspect that this program want to show us to achieve weight you dream about. Knowing how much you should eat at one time is just as important as knowing what to eat. Even low-calorie foods can make you gain weight if you eat too much of them.

DIY Meals and Flavor Pairing

On this section, program focuses on information about food and flavour combinations to boost weight loss progress, you'll find a new tasty meal combination that you never found before by using combining some ingredients. By this far you've been shown a valuable informations to makes you're ready to try this program. and achieve great result.

The program is entirely online, this means you receive immediate access as soon as you purchase and can download the program right onto your device. This only requires simple steps and is easy to do and it allows for instant access to the program wherever you are.

The reviews on this website are based on the individuals own personal opinion(s), results may vary from person to person.


21 Days Kickstart Nutrition Guide

A Guide which flavor-pairing rituals from they most successful customer who lost the maximum amout of weight in the safest and shortest time possible, creates a metabolic slingshot that speeds up result over the first 3 weeks.

Cinderella Accelerator Movement Sequencing Activity guide

Cinderella solution providing bonuses guide for women who want start to lose  weight even faster with these short 8 minutes at home exercise


  • Easy to Follow Program Even for Busy Woman
  • Giving Great Information About Weight Loss
  • Designed for Female Over 30
  • Giving Useful Tools to get better result
  • Excellent Value For Money and giving bonuses
  • Doesn't restrict your favourite foods
  • Based on 160 years old Japanese Diet Method
  • Lot Genuine Customer Testimonial


  • Require Good Commitment to Achieve Result
  • It Takes Few Weeks to Get Result
  • Only Online Format Available

Remember You only get one body and one life and you deserve to have the fairy-tale ending

To Better Result, We Recommend At Least To Follow This Program At Least For 2 Month

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