Amazing Muscle Stretching method for health & total body confidence With

30 day flexibility home stretching challenge.

Discover a secret to boost core mobility & relieve muscles that suitable for any age & body types with male & female version inside official site

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  • Made for beginner & advanced user 
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The reviews on this website are based on the individuals own personal opinion(s), results may vary from person to person.

The Hyperbolic Stretching

The simple and straightforward  4 Week Program to gain flexibility with 6 Impressive Part Lesson , every  lesson is suitable for beginner or even advance level. This program also help you gain flexibility with male and female version.

You’ll just need to spare for less than 10 minutes daily to get result from this program, an effective method of warming up before training till the best routine for maintaining a flexibility and by author best confidence also giving 60 days money back guarantee if it fails to work.

Discover the common mistake that people make while stretching.

The Creator

Alex Larsson is the creator of this new breakthrough program. He discover and designed  the easy, simple yet effective method after struggling with pain in his thigh, hips and back muscle.

He created the program called Hyperbolic Stretching, professional method that could help regain flexibility and strengthening muscle and best of all, could coverage even you’re in beginner level or even advance level.

His program contain 4 weeks quick daily routines, just for few minutes exercise that you could do anytime to help enhance muscle elasticity and strength. You’ll get more detail on official site .

The reviews on this website are based on the individuals own personal opinion(s), results may vary from person to person.

What inside 30 day challenge program?

4 Week Side Split Course

Discover a beginner to advanced level training with no equipment that focus to relieving hips, strengthening pelvic, a little known secret that makes quickly flexible.

Front Split Course

This part goal is help relieving back and strengthening hips and improve body posture, make hamstrings and flexor fully elastic while increase strength and power at same time.

Dynamic Flexibility High Kick Course

This part goal is help improve overall lower body part this also giving great benefit for blood circulation and range movement.

Upper Body Stretching  Course

This part goal is help increase flexibility of shoulder, chest, biceps, triceps and upper back muscle using safe and incremental approach.

Pike Mastery & Front Bending ourse

This part goal is help increase flexibility of lower back, glutes and hamstrings from different angle.

Easy Bridge & Back Bending Course

This part goal is help improve shoulder mobility and strength, strengthen lower back and abdominal muscle also relieving spinal tension along the way.



The reviews on this website are based on the individuals own personal opinion(s), results may vary from person to person.

So What's The Right Solution ?

The Hyperbolic Stretching

  • Over 300,000 User and giving 60 day money back guarantee
  • Over $300 worth of content for less than 1 personal training session
  • Scientifically Proven Method That Offer No Side Effects.

The reviews on this website are based on the individuals own personal opinion(s), results may vary from person to person.

How This Program So Unique

  • 30 Day Hyperbolic stretching program already giving 60 day guaranteed result or money back for over 300,000 people.
  • No long & boring exercise routines, it’s already been proven that this short method more effective than lone routines.
  • Simple, Carefully Selected Stretches Routine Designed For Optimal Results & Hip Opening.
  • Ideal  Start up Routine after long layoff.
  • Easily scalable system to regain flexibility and boosting muscular strength at the same time.
  • Greater Range of Motion for sports.
  • Stretching body to become more supple and flexible many physical benefits specialy to building strength and stability.
  • Boost daily energy levels using “ground up principle”.
  • Strong, flexible lower body muscles muscle preventing cause of poor posture and constant tension.
  • Ideal to Relax back and hips after years of tension.
  • You’ll love this non-invasive method of enhancing strength, flexibility and mobility

The Hyperbolic Stretching isn’t exactly a ‘miracle’ method. Alex is simply using what the best US and European research institutions have been uncovering over the last 10 years or so. His program

The 30 day program provides a simple, intelligent and highly effective 8-minute routines done at least 4 times per week for rapid flexibility gains at home or in the gym.

But these tweaks are just the right ones…
So if you order today, and you’re not 100% happy with the result, just send them one email within 60 days or ordering and they’ll refund you 100% on the spot. No question asked




Over $300 worth of content for less than 1 personal training session

Disclaimer: Testimonials found at or are unverified results that have been forwarded to us by users of Hyperbolic Stretching programs, and may not reflect the typical purchaser's experience (as are described above,) may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. If we have disclosed typical results based on information provided to us by a manufacturer or other reputable third party source, you should presume that the typical results as stated are more reliable than the testimonials and other examples found at or However, you should always perform due diligence and not take such results at face value. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions in typical results information supplied to us by manufacturers or other reputable third parties. If a product or service is new, you understand that it may not have been available for purchase long enough to provide an accurate results history. Again, it is possible that even with perfect use of the program, you will not achieve the results described in testimonials. They are meant to be a showcase of the best results the program has produced, and should not be taken as the results a typical user will get.


When Can i Expect Result ?

You should see first flexibility improvement and/or relief almost immediately, especially after few initial stretching sessions. You will see full results in 30 days if you stick to the frequency of stretching (3 times per week per muscle group), there is no way you won't be satisfied with the results. Results can be delayed if you don't stick to prescribed stretching frequency (i.e. if you only stretch 1 or 2 times per week).

Is it really this one price for everything?

Absolutely! It's a one time only, one-off fee plus tax applicable in your state. Exchange rates and local taxes may apply if you live outside US. There are no other hidden costs or fees.

Is it all online or sent to my home?

It's all online videos. To produce and store all the materials physically would increase the price plus you would have to pay for shipping and handling. Videos can only be streamed, not downloaded.

How do I receive access?

You will get an email from Clickbank which contains receipt and product access link. The email shouldn't take more than one minute from purchase to arrive in your inbox. Just make sure that if you paid by PayPal, you're looking into an email connected to your PayPal service.

Will I have lifetime access?

Yes! This program has over 80,000 users worldwide and counting. Plus, I'm always expanding the content so the program is going to be with you forever. You can access it anytime, just bookmark the product access link once you get it in an email from Clickbank which shouldn't take more than one minute from purchase.

Do I get any support?

Yes, but most of it is already built into the videos and manual! I spent years developing everything in the program so it's easy to follow. Just follow the videos and if you have more questions, check out the manual first. If you still need answers, I personally respond to all private messages on my FB page and this is the best way to communicate with me about any topic. Make sure you like my page you don't want to miss the exciting program updates that are coming very soon! :)

Are there any extra fees or subscriptions?

No way! This is a ONE time fee which barely covers all my hosting, designers, programmers and other support staff. You will get as stated on this page with 60 days money back guarantee!

Is this program suitable for me?

Everyone can use it with success regardless of age, size or condition. There is a limit though. If you suffer or are recovering from joint, tendon, connective tissue or muscle injury, make sure you have given your muscles enough time to recover before using this program.

I'm outside US, can I still join?

Yes! This program is accessible from anywhere in the world.

I feel something is missing, what to do?

My top priority is constantly improving and expanding the product. Plus, I do care about your results and want you to be happy with the program. If you feel you need more explanation let me know in a private message here on FB (make sure you like my FB page) or shoot me an email.

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