Quadpro Solar Power Bank

Keeping your devices fully charge is prepping 101.

Easy Carry Unlimited Free Energy For Portable Electronic Devices

Keeping You Fully Charged Wherever You Are

  • Ultra Convenient
  • Versatile
  • Backup Battery
  • Dual Charges
  • Water Resistant
  • Built in LED Flashlight
  • Built in Magnet
  • Wireless Charging

Notice : Do not leave in a car in direct sunlight, the battery may overheat.

Keeping You Fully Charged Wherever You Are

Everyone who enjoys outdoor activities most likely has the same fear… What if something bad happened and you ran out of phone power?? Nowhere to charge the phone, and your usual power bank also ran out of juice.

It doesn’t really matter when there’s no signal because you could always walk a bit higher, walk a bit further… but to be completely cut-off from running out of battery?

Worst nightmare indeed, but apparently Adventure Frog heard our fears and decided to launch this QuadraPro Solar Charger.

QuadraPro Solar PowerBank

Portable power resource with 4 folding paneled powered by solar energy, also equiped with 6,500 mAh capacity that you can use when no sun for charging, durable and lightweight.

sun or no sun you still can use it with easily.

Worry not because the QuadraPro Solar Powerbank can charge dead batteries even when there isn't any sun! It has its own built in charger, so as long as you have “some” sunlight, the solar panels will recharge or top-off the power bank and you could use the stored power anytime even at night to be recharged again in the morning.

QuadraPro Solar PowerBank

  • Dimension : 6,1" x 3,34" x 0,98"
  • Weight : 13,1 Oz
  • Solar Power 5,5 W
  • Battery 6500 mAh
  • Dual 2A Outputs
  • 3 Years Full Guarantee

Notice : Do not leave in a car in direct sunlight, the battery may overheat.

What we liked about QuadraPro Solar Powerbank

  • Tough & Durable with resilent silicon coating.
  • It's Water Resistant.
  • Built in magnets for easy charging 
  • Built in dual charging port
  • Built in 6,500 mAh battery
  • Built in LED flashlight 50 Lumen
  • Built in power gauge display
  • Light & compact only 13,1 oz, easily slides into pocket. 
  • Hanger hook for bag

Limited Free Bonus + Free Shipping

FREE Paracord Survival Kit

You'll probably want to treat your loved ones to this backup protection too. So, when you order 3 or more QuadraPro Solar Power Banks, we'll throw in a FREE Paracord Survival kit!

This Paracord Survival Kit is made from 9 feet of rugged and durable 550 lb. strength paracord (60 feet with inner strands).

You might know that the paracord was originally designed and used by our military to help paratroopers survive. And there are practically limitless uses for it.

And the more Solar Power Banks you order, the more Paracord Survival Kits you'll get!

PLUS we'll throw in FREE shipping too!

Notice : Do not leave in a car in direct sunlight, the battery may overheat.

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